Taste of Sydney Collective

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Haddon Rig Merino was selected to supply its dry-aged merino lamb to the Butchers Block event at the popular Taste of Sydney Collective festival at Barangaroo in November.

Taste of Sydney saw some of Australia’s finest chefs team up with high-profile internationals to create unique dishes exclusive to the festival.

The Butchers Block event, sponsored by Meat & Livestock Australia, aimed to champion secondary meat cuts, so Haddon Rig teamed up with chefs Will Stewart and Steve Flood to design a dry-aged lamb empanada using lamb neck and flap. Under the master guidance of Will and Steve, Haddon Rig Merino lamb was enjoyed by 700 people over four days.

Most guests hadn’t tried dry-aged lamb before and loved the flavour and tenderness. Guests learnt about the versatility of lamb and that merino sheep produce fantastic meat as well as wool.

MLA’s butcher in residence, Doug Piper, gave an amazing carcass demonstration, showing us all how to utilise the whole animal from nose to tail. Doug prepared the cuts we all know and love, and also some of the lesser known “odd cuts” which are just as delicious. Lucky festival goers experienced how easy it is to source lamb cuts that can feed one, two or twenty guests!

The learning experience went both ways, with Haddon Rig’s General Manager, Charlie Blomfield, participating in a Q&S session with guests enjoying our lamb. Questions to Charlie ranged from how many kelpies we have on-farm, to how we produce some of the best merino sheep in the country. Charlie also learnt about how people choose, buy and experience lamb in Sydney.

Haddon Rig Merino at Taste Sydney
Haddon Rig Merino at Taste Sydney
Haddon Rig Merino at Taste Sydney