100% Australian
Merino from
Haddon Rig


Family owned
for over 100 years


Artisan meat with
guaranteed provenance


Constantly on the edge of innovation, with its soft, bright wool finding its way onto the pages of Vogue and exported worldwide, Haddon Rig is exploring other avenues for its prize-winning merino sheep, including offering single origin meat as a specialty item to Australia’s premiere restaurants and chefs.

Fresh lamb cuts from Haddon Rig Merino


Our merino has flavours that test the imagination of what lamb should taste like. Merino has a rich, buttery flavour.

Grown to precise specifications, Haddon Rig Merino can be supplied as whole carcasses or broken down to meet your requirements.



Full-flavoured, unique Australian merino sheep meat, accentuated by the nutty, umami accents of the dry aging process. It is the chocolate of meat.

We grow the sheep at Haddon Rig, then dry age in small batches in Dubbo.
Haddon Rig Merino can be supplied as whole carcasses or broken down to meet your requirements.

Dry aged lamb cuts from Haddon Rig Merino
What People Say About Us

Family run producers such as Haddon Rig run things like we do at Porteño. As a family, you can tell the dedication they show and that they’re in it for the long haul, they truly care about their product, which is always important to us. Sourcing meat direct from the producer, where you know it’s been looked after and sustainably produced, is key

Ben MilgateChef and co-owner, Porteño


The Falkiner family have been producing Australia’s leading Merino sheep at Haddon Rig for over 100 years. We are a sixth-generation family owned and managed business. Our values of honesty, integrity and passion for our land, drive everything we do.

We believe Haddon Rig Merino brings people together in a special way, enabling them to enjoy the taste, the story and the experience.

I’m proud to be continuing the legacy of my great grandfather who founded the Haddon Rig Merino Stud, taking our beautiful product to customers all over Australia. My grandchildren have just started joining the family at Haddon Rig and I’m excited for the future of Haddon Rig Merino sheep.

George FalkinerHaddon Rig


Haddon Rig is a family-owned farming aggregation in the Macquarie Valley, NSW. Haddon Rig has been producing exceptional food and fibre since 1882.

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